The Story When depends on a community of storytellers, story supporters, and story connectors.



Join and participate. Here are a few ways:



Be one of our storytellers. Do you have stories handed down that you're willing to have the rest of the world know? We're looking  stories of love, death, friendship, courtship, playtime, wartime, peacetime—stories about life. Send us a note with your story pitch.


Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about The Story When, what we stand for and what we want to achieve. Advocate for the seeking, preserving, and retelling of our stories. Promote the stories we already have recorded. 


Co-create with us. The Story When is running on goodwill and good intentions. Passionate and creative collaborators of all forms (artists, editors, buzz makers, communicators, etc.)  are welcome to push and build upon our storytelling efforts. 


Expand the project's life. Can you help The Story When thrive? The seeds of the project is now planted: how will it branch out now? We need cultivators who know how to grow our reach and expand our concept. Share your ideas and vision with us.

Get in touch. 
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Do you have something else in mind? Let's hear it too.