The Story When is a collaborative project that weaves individual stories into a casual anthology.

The idea began simply. It began with some questions.

How many stories do we hear from our parents or grandparents, from relatives, from teachers, even from random people we meet?

How many of these leave an impression on us? Where are these stories now?



The Story When collects second-hand stories. 

Storytellers who participate are required to retell stories told to them. The goal here is to open a dialogue; by listening to those who've experienced what the rest of us will only see in history books and documentaries, we make a connection.


The more I think about their stories, it all somehow fits in that historical point, their family, and their social class. It’s hard to qualify, though, as if you have to tell the story to get a hint of it.
— Paul Catiang, Storyteller


ThE Storytellers

Storytellers featured in The Story When come from various walks of lives and vary in age.

What ties them together is this shared vision to preserve stories and a desire to pass them on. 

For now, they are selected from personal connections and relationships. For now, this is our way of ensuring that everyone is credible and vetted. 

If you want to be a storyteller, see more about how to participate in The Story When project.

P.S. (12/24/2016) - Things are changing. The Story When will host more kinds of memories and anecdotes. Stay tuned.